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Since social media irrupted into our lives, it’s no news it has had a major impact. Sports, aren’t excluded of this equation.

The thing is, athletes have not been trained to realize the impact of Twitter and Facebook or how to react to it. This way, everything athletes, coaches, sponsors, advertisers have worked for, could simply go down. And it’s scary.

This is why, Carrie Gerlach Cecil has decided to do something about it. She’s a longtime communications firm owner who has just launched a startup venture called Social Media Sports Management, that will offer social media strategy, education and customized training for athletes and employees across college and pro sports.

Services include assessment, policy advice, content moderation and social media marketing, adapted for sports from a review of best practices at Fortune 500 companies. But the cornerstone of its launch is a cloud-based learning management system designed and developed by Truelogic Software that allows customized training to be delivered through educational videos.

On the technical side, Truelogic Software started this project running a Discovery Phase, where Interactive Wireframes, Functional and Technical Specs were created to design this Learning Management System. Ruby on Rails, HTML5, AngularJS and Bootstrap were the selected technologies used on this project. Our UI Team created a very easy to use and responsive product that can be used from Web, Tablet and Mobile devices.
Doors at Social Media Sports Management open with already three signed clients: The athletic departments at Auburn and TCU and the St. Louis Rams. And they assure they are in talks with five other universities, two speedways and a players association.

The only thing left to say is that Carrie is a very hard worker, creative and passionate professional and that we really enjoyed working with her team on this project.

New products are on the way, stay tuned.

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