Truelogic Featured on Clutch as a Top Latin American Developer

31/08/2016 13:03 PM Z

By truelogic

Author: Marcelo Tribuj ⎢ CEO  at Truelogic Software.

We’re pleased to announce that Clutch, a B2B IT ratings and reviews site has recently named Truelogic Software among the Top Software Development Companies in Latin America.

Clutch evaluated Truelogic and other developers from all over the World based on a number of factors such as case studies, online presence, market presence and industry awards and certifications. We are listed as a “Proven Company” in the Latin American Developers research meaning, that we “have an extensive track record of delivering high quality solutions to our valued clients.”

After an internal assessment of our capabilities, Clutch analysts spoke with some of our clients to get first-hand feedback on our work. We loved reading what they had to say!

When asked about their experience working with Truelogic, the CEO of a municipal bond trading platform, stated:

“I would say that their project management is extremely important. Truelogic actually enables us to function without a technical staff internally because I can rely on them to help me translate the business requirements into functional and technical specs, and then have them actually do the development work. They’re an integral part of our team at this point.”

That same client gave us a perfect 5-star overall rating and added:
“I can tell you that our business is completely based around a trading platform that Truelogic built and maintains, and they continue to work with us on enhancements.”

Take a look at our Clutch profile to read the full-length interviews and to learn more about Clutch’s evaluation process.

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