Truelogic Announces Sweeping Partnership With Crownpeak

23/09/2016 13:05 PM Z

By truelogic

Los Angeles, California.

Today, Truelogic, a premium software development firm with dozens of multinational clients, announced an extensive partnership with Crownpeak, the leader in Digital Experience and Digital Quality Management. This alliance allows Truelogic to provide data-driven digital brand experiences tailored to the needs of their enterprise customers.

“We are happy to partner with Crownpeak, a great CMS solution for our enterprise clients. Crownpeak has proven to be a team of talented professionals with huge flexibility to adapt to business needs.” Marcelo Tribuj, CEO of Truelogic.

Large enterprises often have sizable gaps from the time a product is conceived, to the time it goes on sale. Many times this delay comes from the digital side and not the product side. Time to market lag is particularly constraining in industries where products are outmoded quickly, as businesses can capture a larger market share when they have less direct competition for a product or service. There is a flourishing demand for SaaS companies who can quickly generate complicated websites, so enterprises can put their products and services on sale faster. Crownpeak’s CMS is the solution to help large businesses scope and scale time-sensitive digital marketing projects.

Truelogic’s CEO believes integration with Crownpeak will make his tech firm more appealing to larger corporations. He opines, “Our software engineers can now leverage our deep Back End and Front End Development experience to create highly customized solutions through the Crownpeak platform.”

Of course, enterprises want more than just a customizable solution that hits the market quickly. An examination of Fortune 500 CEO’s shows platform security and high uptime are high priorities as well. Indeed, webpage downtime is expensive for multinationals. According to, one in five business lose $10,000 an hour or more from website downtime. With that kind of money at stake, enterprises tend to gravitate toward content management systems that have a reputation for reliability. By partnering with a CMS industry leader like Crownpeak, Truelogic has just made their firm more enticing to enterprise clients.

About TrueLogic
Truelogic is an international technology consulting firm founded in 2003 who specializes in web and mobile software development services. They work with multinationals like Sony, newly minted start-ups, and everyone in between. Their talented team of project managers, software engineers, visual designers, and other professionals provide innovative solutions to a multitude of digital challenges. More than 1000 successfully completed projects guarantee the quality of their work. Truelogic has development centers in US and Argentina.

About CrownPeak
Founded in January 2001, Crownpeak was the first company to offer web content management through a SaaS solution. Today, leading brands trust Crownpeak’s cloud-first Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform to quickly and easily create, deploy and optimize customer experiences across digital touchpoints at scale. Crownpeak provides a complete solution for DXM featuring content management, personalization, search and hosting, in addition to fully integrated Digital Quality Management (DQM) to ensure brand integrity and meet compliance requirements. More than 180 customers including Unilever, BNY Mellon, Thomson Reuters, Eli Lilly, and Aflac rely on Crownpeak to deliver engaging experiences that delight customers, promote loyalty and deliver results.

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