Event Highlights - Anticipate 2024: AI’s Impact on Business and Productivity

By Truelogic Software

In October, Truelogic Software, Code and Theory, and On Discourse launched the very first session of the Anticipate Event Series.

The Anticipate event is an informal meeting for selected senior tech leaders from various industries to gather actionable insights, build connections, and prepare for anticipating emerging trends that can help them expand their businesses even further.

The event, held in New York for over 50 participants, provided an atmosphere for thought leaders, technology experts, and creative thinkers from renowned companies such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft, among others, to discuss the ongoing impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gather key and actionable insights on how to use it to boost their companies' productivity in 2024.

Anticipate 2024 was instrumental in broadening the dialogue around AI and fostering an open culture of learning and collaboration within the technology sector.


Getting together with other tech professionals to deep dive into AI and themes surrounding it was a great way to meet those who are enthusiastic and excited about what the future holds. 

Two speakers at the Anticipate 2024 event
Two man speaking at the Anticipate 2024 event
Man speaking at the audience of the Anticipate 2024 event
Man from the audience speaking at the Anticipate 2024 event
Two man and a woman speaking at the Anticipate 2024 event
Man skpeaking at the Anticipate 2024 event
Man and woman talking at the Anticipate 2024 event
Men talking at the Anticipate 2024 event


It also gave participants an occasion to broaden their horizons by stimulating thought on the topic and multiple viewpoints on where and how AI will drive impact and innovation in the IT industry and beyond.


Key Insights from Event Speakers


Kana Aoki-Kino, Monetization GenAI Product Marketing at Meta



"AI enables brands to express their identity more clearly, thereby strengthening their relationships with their products and business initiatives."


Katherine von Jan, Former Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce

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"For success in 2024, it's crucial that organizations place innovation, empathy, and ethical competence at the heart of their culture. Incorporating trust and ethics into all aspects of our operations is not just necessary, but it's also the cornerstone for transforming the AI landscape."


Aarush Selvan, Lead PM at Google Bard Extensions 



"AI provides the tools to start building conversational interfaces for your final products. It's the perfect moment to imagine what such an interface could mean for your consumers, how it could boost usefulness, and delve into experiences that were previously out of reach."


Dan Gardner, Co-founder of Code and Theory



"The notion of creativity is experiencing a significant shift in tandem with the progression of AI. It's crucial that we reassess our perception of creativity and the arrangement of creative individuals, aligning their responsibilities with the advancing abilities of the tools at hand."


Marcelo Tribuj, Founder and CEO of Truelogic



"AI holds immense potential, yet its implementation requires a thoughtful evaluation of current and future risks. As leaders, we must ensure a clear understanding of our organization's values and culture when deciding when and how to integrate AI. Just as crucial is the careful choice of partners and the secure handling of information, particularly with regards to privacy and data issues." 


How Do You Anticipate 2024?


The evolution of AI is reshaping business and creativity, offering new tools and opportunities for innovation. As we look towards 2024, it's clear that the successful integration of AI into business operations will require a careful balance of innovation, empathy, and ethical competence.

As we navigate this exciting frontier, we must remain committed to our core values and culture, ensuring that our approach to AI is both thoughtful and secure. As we continue to explore the potential of AI, we invite you to join us in this journey, sharing your insights and experiences as we collectively shape the future of technology.


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