IT Staff Augmentation: Scaling Your Dev Teams

By Truelogic Software

Who isn't on the hunt for highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals to fill the many vacant roles that are a high priority for the digital transformation of businesses in the wake of a mountain of changes? 

Staff augmentation is increasingly becoming a means that companies can fill these in-house positions on an as-needed basis in a cost-effective manner. And that certainly matters when businesses are cutting back spending to continue operations during an economic downturn. 



You may be aware of staff augmentation to a small degree, or you are already using it to scale your projects, increasing the speed of your output without losing the quality of the thing. 

Naturally, staff augmentation became a type of outsourcing model for businesses that need to fill roles for software development projects for either a short period or a more extended project. Now it’s seen as a strategic means for software development. 

The Demand is There 

Many tech professionals can do their job wherever the internet is stable, and a laptop is present. That makes it easier for them to take on contract remote work, considering that staffing companies grant senior tech talent more mobility when needed.  

Due to the circumstances of which we're all aware, here we are in 2023, and remote work is still just as prevalent as it was then.

And why is that? Why are remote work and outsourcing continually trending upward?

The Economic Situation 

We've been through the wringer concerning the global economy, and inflation is driving up costs not seen in decades. And as fuel, food, and entertainment prices increase, professionals would rather work from home; in turn, businesses have laid off thousands of employees, while thousands of others were quitting in the wave of the Great Resignation

Everyone wants to cut costs somehow, and staff augmentation has been an avenue for many businesses to address their needs. Not only is there a lack of tech professionals available in a close geographical location, but also a lack of skills or tools necessary to remain competitive in the tech industry. 

Now, many companies are turning to outsourcing and staff augmentation as a means to reduce costs and gain the resources needed to continue business operations. 

The Employment Situation or Rather Lack Thereof 

You've seen the headlines; it has been an ongoing topic since 2022. Labor shortages and massive layoffs are happening at the same time, placing companies in a bind regarding recruiting highly knowledgeable and senior professionals to these tech roles. 

The ask for better wages, benefits, and the buzz phrase work-life balance have come into the interviews and left many recruiters empty-handed. Workers are now looking at remote work, and staffing companies have been taking advantage of this, growing their talent pools to offer augmentation services for tech roles across the board. 

Remote Working and IT Staff Augmentation in Demand

To combat this situation, many companies are outsourcing to access the needed skills and potential numbers to bring products to market faster with greater efficiency and proficiency. Maintaining fluent communication and collaboration could take effort, but IT staff augmentation can offer flexibility in changing teams and starting in the middle of a project. 

Skilled staff augmentation companies use this outsourcing model to gain clients, customers and retain highly skilled tech professionals. Staffing companies aim to provide quality tech services at affordable prices. Due to the global and industry circumstances, there's a demand that staff augmentation can fill that can address the many issues and concerns that business owners have today. 

How Staffing Augmentation Can Address This Situation

A great deal of trust comes when partnering up with anyone, especially when you are looking to outsource business processes and information to someone you may never meet in person. 

Though we've seen that a screen doesn't lessen our virtual partnerships, it takes effort to build and strengthen such a foundation. And now that trust has been established in the projects that have been built in recent years, more companies are taking a chance on staffing to address their needs. 

Fill Gaps in Knowledge and Expand Technical Resources 

Not only do we have a shortage of workers but well-rounded, knowledgeable tech workers with niche skill sets. The wonderful thing about creating technology is that you can do it with anyone, anywhere. You can plan, design, build, and implement any tech you can think of. This makes the cost of outsourced software development lower for several factors:

  • Give you access to different technologies that may be costly to invest in 
  • Access to a highly skilled global tech workforce
  • Collaborate with tech professionals offering a diverse viewpoint 
  • Promote innovative thinking and creative problem solving 

The option to outsource your staffing grants more flexibility and speed in how companies can find growth and success.

Only Pay for What You Need 

Who's not holding onto their cash right now? Individuals and businesses, large and small alike, are finding themselves out of the staff necessary to perform at their best at a cost that's more aligned with their current budget. 

Hiring a long-term in-house team is not only a great financial undertaking but also requires time to recruit and hire the right professionals for the project. 

Save time and money by letting a staff augmentation company do the heavy lifting for you. They often have a talent pool readily available to start projects or have engineers that can be integrated into an existing team. Looking for managed services for a short 3-month contract or developers to launch a product? You can outsource and pay for these services for whatever duration is needed. 

Allows Your Business to Scale

Scalability in terms of your development teams creates many avenues for companies to quickly scale in various ways. Want to create new features or improve your UX for a particular project but don't have anyone on your existing team with a higher level of knowledge? 

Outsourcing to collaborate with someone who understands will make your project move faster and allow you to take on more team members or fewer depending on the project's scope and need. 

Scalability also gives businesses a means to scale revenue. Take on bigger projects with bigger budgets, even if you don't have all the expertise in-house. By having access to tech tools and talent faster, companies can compete and stay relevant in the market. 

What's in it For Tech Companies? 

Cost-effectiveness and access to a great talent pool, check. But what about getting your augmented staff all worked out and ready to go? 

Well, fast ramp-up times are possible with staff augmentation. Most candidates are remote workers who're used to hitting the ground running, meaning they're used to moving around from one project to another. Since an experienced project manager knows the ropes, they can be added to the team with the minimum disruption or setback to the project. 

Of course, that naturally leads to the next point of time savings. The time it takes to recruit and hire a highly skilled software engineer is not a quick turnaround, but we don't have to tell you that. IT staff augmentation will save so much time leaving organizations to focus on the more important aspect of development, such as quality. 

Who doesn't love options? When it comes to staff augmentation, it's nice to have different options to choose from. And with the demand for outsourcing services increasing, more staffing options are available. Need a small team to create an MVP or an entire dedicated team, it's all possible. Even if you need eight developers, staff augmentation can provide it more efficiently and at a lower cost. 

Augment Your Development Teams with Truelogic 

With how things in the economy and industry have gone (and continue to go), IT staff augmentation continues gaining supporters and shaping how technologies are developed around the world. 

It's no longer necessary to have an entire development team in-house. The types of projects you take on will depend on which roles you may decide to keep in-house and which ones you decide to augment. Truelogic offers staffing services for technology companies looking to scale their teams to bring innovative projects to life.

Our staffing options offer the best quality and efficiency because we only work with experienced, senior software engineers. No matter which staffing option works for you, consider scaling your development teams through a staff augmentation company. 


FAQs About Staff Augmentation 

What is the impact that staff augmentation can have on team dynamics and company culture?

While you make be aware of the challenges of nearshoring, there are positive benefits that impact your company culture. Introducing external expertise brings diversity of thought and experience, leading to creative solutions, innovation, and improved problem-solving within the team. Augmented staff filling skill gaps can increase efficiency and productivity, allowing focus on core strengths and project completion. Interacting with remote colleagues fosters adaptability and appreciation for diverse work styles, promoting open-mindedness and collaboration.


Is staff augmentation a good idea for long-term projects?

Yes! Some of our most successful projects have been years in the making. When it comes to project duration, there is nothing to short or long term that a staff augmentation partner can't handle. Long-term partnership also build greater trust, collaboration and communication becomes more seamless. Choosing a long-term vendor for your software development is also great for cost and overhead savings during the life of the project. 


How can companies ensure that staff augmentation practices, particularly when working with remote teams in different countries, are conducted ethically and responsibly, considering potential concerns like fair labor practices, worker rights, and data privacy regulations in varying jurisdictions?

Ensure Fair Labor Practices and Worker Rights by researching labor laws, reviewing contractor agreements, and avoiding exploitative practices. Prioritize Data Privacy and Security through robust data security protocols, clear data transfer agreements, and transparent communication. Build Ethical Partnerships by selecting reputable staffing companies, maintaining open communication, and holding yourself accountable for upholding ethical standards.


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