What AI Jobs Are Emerging for Software Engineers?

By Truelogic Software

If you're a software engineer today, you're noticing the overwhelming impact that AI is making on your career both in the present moment and in the future. Staying relevant in order to remain employed is probably never far from your mind. 

So, you may be asking, in which direction can you pivot in your career, or what AI jobs are emerging that can complement your current senior-level role? Well, look on further because we're going to give you the breakdown of the AI jobs in demand and the requirements you need for the transition. 

AI Jobs Growing in Demand 

While many jobs are phasing out, transforming or becoming less in demand, AI has brought with it a surge of new roles. And because AI and ML are moving too fast to keep up with, the demand for AI specialists in multiple areas of software development is high.

Three-quarters of companies in the United States use AI where it makes sense and needs knowledgeable tech professionals to unravel the mysteries of this popular technology. Let's see which AI jobs companies are adding to their roster. 

  • Machine Learning Engineer: The architects of intelligent applications, these specialists design, build, and implement AI models. They bridge the gap between data science and software engineering, requiring strong programming skills, knowledge of machine learning algorithms, and the ability to translate business needs into functional models.

  • AI/ML Software Engineer: This hybrid role combines traditional software development with expertise in building and deploying AI/ML systems. They create the software infrastructure that supports AI models, necessitating skills in areas like cloud computing, application development frameworks, and familiarity with specific AI tools. This role is also considered an AI programmer.

  • DevOps Engineer for AI/ML: As AI becomes part of the development cycle, these specialists ensure AI pipelines' smooth operation and maintenance. They automate AI model deployment, monitoring, and scaling, requiring expertise in DevOps practices, cloud platforms, and CI/CD methodologies.



  • AI Ethics Engineer: As concerns about bias in AI rise, this role is crucial. AI ethics engineers develop and implement ethical guidelines, ensuring the responsible use of AI. They need a strong understanding of AI principles, ethical frameworks, and the potential societal impacts of AI technologies.

  • AI Security Engineer: With the rise of AI-powered cyberattacks, these engineers design security measures to protect AI systems from vulnerabilities and ensure their responsible use. They possess expertise in cybersecurity principles, have a keen understanding of potential attack vectors in AI systems, and stay updated on the evolving threat landscape.

  • AI User Experience (UX) Designer: As AI interfaces become more common, these designers create user-friendly experiences that allow people to interact with AI systems seamlessly. They combine the knowledge of human-computer interaction with expertise in AI capabilities to craft intuitive and engaging experiences.

  • Data Scientist for AI Tools: These data scientists develop new methods and tools specifically for building and working with AI models. They push the boundaries of AI research, focusing on areas like improving model accuracy, efficiency, and interpretability. A strong foundation in data science, machine learning algorithms, and experience with AI toolkits are essential for this role.



Tech Focused Roles Will See a Shift 

AI is not only creating more roles but also affecting how current technologies are used. As the need to integrate and scale to meet modern-day demand surges, these will likely need more AI specialists, which may spark the emergence of newer AI jobs. Keep an eye out for AI job opportunities that involve the roles listed below. 

  • Blockchain Engineer: Driving innovation across industries, blockchain engineers design, build, and maintain decentralized applications (dApps) powered by blockchain technology. Solid programming skills, knowledge of cryptography and distributed ledger systems, and understanding of specific blockchain platforms are key. 

  • Quantum Computing Specialist: This emerging field demands specialists who can develop software for quantum computers. These specialists bridge the theory-practice gap, requiring expertise in quantum mechanics, high-performance computing, and potentially even quantum algorithms.

  • Extended Reality (XR) Developer: As VR, AR, and MR converge, XR developers create immersive experiences that push the boundaries of human-computer interaction. They need strong software development skills, an understanding of 3D graphics game engines, and the ability to translate creative concepts into technical realities.


Time to Level Up Your Skill Set

You may be far along in your tech career, but you're probably always finding ways to improve your skills or obtain new ones. At the drop of a hat you may need to learn a new coding language, or understand an emerging framework. 

So it's no surprise that core roles like software engineer and data scientist are now seeing their tasks evolve alongside AI integration. Building a foundation in AI and machine learning is no longer a bonus; it's becoming a necessity for staying competitive and thriving in the job market. 

Employers are actively reshaping their workforces to leverage the power of AI, seeking full-time, senior level tech talent to drive innovation. This presents exciting opportunities for tech professionals like you, who can embrace continuous learning and adapt your skills to whatever changes come your way. 

Are You Looking for a New Role? 

The future of software development is undeniably intertwined with AI. By familiarizing yourself with these emerging roles you'll be well-positioned to make the changes and shifts within your career that allow you to successfully pivot to a more AI centered job. 

Ready to leverage your tech expertise in the age of AI? Bush up that resume and head over to explore our Careers page and check out the job descriptions to discover exciting new opportunities to join Truelogic and shape the future with us! 

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